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Dear Friends,

I cannot begin to tell you how humbled and honored I am to be entrusted by the voters of our county to be their Sheriff. 

I look forward to working with you to move the Summit County Sheriff's Office into a better and brighter future.

Thank you. 


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I have a vision for the Sheriff’s Office that I believe will lead us into a new era of rejuvenation and growth.

As a leader in law enforcement, I am responsible for enacting reforms that, in many cases, are difficult and long overdue. But change is necessary for growth and learning. At the same time, as law enforcement officers, we cannot lose sight of our duty to serve and protect the public, and to enforce the laws of the land. 

Being a successful leader in law enforcement today requires the ability to balance the necessities of reform with the duties of the office.

I sum up my leadership of the Sheriff’s Office in three words: Command, Community, and Collaboration.






As a single mother, I started as a Deputy and worked my way to Sergeant, then Lieutenant, to Commander and am currently a Captain. I'm the only candidate that is still working in the Sherriff's office.

"As a Captain with 28 years of experience, Kandy understands that the Dignity of Work is not just a slogan, it's how we govern -- that's why I'm proud to endorse Kandy Fatheree for Summit County Sheriff.""

Sherrod Brown - U.S. Senator - State of Ohio

Since becoming a Summit County Deputy Sheriff in 1995, I have had the privilege of working in every department of the Sheriff's Office, from the County Jail and Court Security to Civil Process Commander and managing the Sheriff's Office budget for three years. That's the broad range of experience that we need to get the job done.


"As a law enforcement professional and former Akron Chief of Police, I respect the fact that Kandy Fatheree has served Summit County with distinction while working for the Sheriff’s Office the past 25 years."

Craig Gilbride - Former Akron Chief of Police
                                33 Years in Law Enforcement

"Kandy represents a new era of leadership for the Summit County Sheriff's Office and her commitment to serving the public has been proven over and over.  She's exactly what we need to move us into the future."

Jeff Fusco - Akron City Council at Large Representative
                                34 Years in City Government & Administration


Let's Focus on Our Future!  I'd like to hear from you and discover how our Summit County Sheriff's Office can serve you even better. Also, if you'd like to:

  • Volunteer for a parade or festival

  • Do neighborhood canvassing

  • Work at a poll site on Election Day

  • Help with our phone bank

  • Provide a yard sign location

Just let us know! We'd truly appreciate your help.


Friends of Kandy Fatheree

2254 Glenross Drive
Uniontown, OH 44685



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Thanks for submitting!

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