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As your Sheriff, I'm dedicated to improving public safety and finding new approaches to address crime in our communities.


I'm often faced with making make difficult and long overdue reforms, but at the same time I can’t lose sight of the duties of the office. Every day is about finding that balance and making the best decision for our community.

At the Sheriff’s Office, we are proud of our traditions... but we're not bound by them.


We have to keep moving forward. ​

That’s why I’m asking for your support, to keep the Sheriff’s Office moving forward and into a brighter future.​






I have wanted to work in law enforcement since I was a young child. As a struggling single mother, I sold nearly everything I owned to pay my way through the police academy. I started my career with the Lakemore Police Department in 1993 as its first and only female officer, then joined the Summit County Sheriff's Office two years later. 


Over the course of nearly three decades, I had the privilege of working within every department of the Sheriff's Office. I rose through the ranks to reach the level of Captain, where I was tasked with managing the Office's $44 million budget. In 2008, I attended the FBI's National Academy for Executive Leadership. It was then that I first dreamed of someday becoming Sheriff. 


As a woman in law enforcement, I faced many obstacles along the way through my career, but I found that they only made me stronger and more driven. I realized that I was every bit as smart and capable as my male colleagues. In 2020, I decided to run for Sheriff, and was proudly elected by the people of Summit County. I am the first female Sheriff in Summit County history, and only the fourth in Ohio history.

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