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My vision for the Sheriff's Office is guided
by three core principles:
Command, Community, and Collaboration.


  • Significantly increased our yearly training hours, putting our deputies well ahead of state standards.

  • Added SRO deputies to more school districts so that we're better equipped to respond if the unthinkable happens.

  • Designed a mentorship program to pair new deputies with seasoned veterans to help them navigate their first year.

  • Hired the most diverse pool of new employees of any Summit County Sheriff.

  • Overhauled our promotions process to be more fair, transparent, and merit-based.  

  • Built our K-9 Unit back to the size it once was a decade ago, and pioneered a new approach of adopting rescue dogs and training them to be K-9s.

  • Promoted the first African American Major, first women Chief Deputy, first woman Drug Unit Captain, and first woman Detective Bureau Captain.

  • Provided one of the lead investigators for the ongoing House Bill 6/First Energy scandal, which has led to more arrests of those involved.

  • Started a Drone Unit and a Dive & Water Rescue team.

  • Established a full-time Warrant Unit again for the first time in over 20 years.

  • Improved relations with several local police departments and partnered with them in hotspot crime reduction and other areas where they needed additional manpower.


  • Developed innovative recruitment techniques to reach more women, minorities, and new citizens.

  • Obtained grant funding to eliminate financial barriers for cadets to attend our academy. 

  • Grew our online and social media presence and launched our own mobile app, making our office more modern, communicative, and accessible to the public. 

  • Greatly expanded our community policing and public outreach efforts. 

  • Created the position of Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – a first for the Sheriff's Office. 

  • Brought the Faith & Blue initiative to Summit County to bring law enforcement and the community together and heal divisions.

  • Developed the first Fugitive Safe Surrender event in a decade. 

  • Opened new district offices in Coventry Township and Tallmadge. 

  • Hired the office’s first full-time chaplain to provide spiritual care and counseling to employees and assist with community policing.

  • Relocated the CCW Office to a more central location and launched a new web-based system for obtaining a CCW license.


  • Partnered with the Safety Forces Support Center to offer care and counseling to deputies should the need arise. 

  • Worked with the County Executive and judges to develop a safer, speedier, and more cost effective video conferencing method for inmate court appearances.

  • Collaborated with county officials, mayors, and other agencies to develop a new state-of-the-art dispatch center.

  • Worked with the Prosecutor’s Office to develop our CCW Workshop program to educate residents on changes to concealed carry laws and their rights to self-defense.

  • Created a Gun Violence Reduction Unit that partners with the Akron Police Department.

  • Provided tablets to our inmates to earn training and education, and brought in labor unions to teach them trades and help them find work after release. 

  • Working with multiple agencies to develop a facility for newly-released inmates who are homeless and suffering with mental health and addiction issues to help them find housing and continue treatment. 

  • Introduced more diverse religious opportunities at the jail, as well as caseworkers to aid inmates with mental health and addiction issues.

  • Began offering culinary training certificates for inmates working in the jail’s kitchen, and guaranteeing job opportunities upon release.

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